Yard Sale Sunday

Claire posted this on the Springhill Neighborhood Yahoo! Group:

Hi everyone! I will be holding a yard sale this Sunday from 10-5 at 505 W 19th St. The proceeds will be going to help pay for back surgery on the Clinton the Basset Hound, a dog of a friend and colleague of mine in order for him to walk again. The surgery was very expensive and a significant cost burden so we are trying to assist. Clinton was a rescue pup who was shot before Gena rescued him and everyone who knows Clinton loves him very much.

If you’d like to help, be sure to stop on by Sunday and see if an item strikes your fancy (or just make a donation-those are welcome too). Or, if you have some items lying around that you would like to donate to the yard sale please drop them off sometime this week. You can just place them on the porch. Any items not sold Sunday will be donated to charity.

If you’d like to read more about Clinton or his surgery, we have a facebook page set up in support here.