New Fire Station Coming

Sherri Johnson shares some intelligence on a new firehouse that will be displacing a portion of Canoe Run Park. This comes via Lee Shewmake on the Woodland Heights Yahoo! Group:

We are about to get a new Firehouse #17.  I just received some additional details today and they are as follows:

Stimulus grant funds of approximately 3.2 million was awarded to replace station # 17 with occupancy to be complete by 2012.

Dewberry & Davis charged with examining potential sites of the Old Johnny Johnson Safeway between Bainbridge & Midlothian, a portion of Carter Jones Park plus the existing site, or a portion of Canoe Run Park on Semmes Ave between W 24th St and the old 7-11 building.  The latter was selected as the most viable. (Not enough funds allocated for the purchase of the old 7-11 building at its present price.)

The front of the station would face Semmes Ave.  No renderings currently available, but efforts to fit the structure in architecturally with the surrounding neighborhoods is a priority.

The architectural procurement process was just posted this week on the city website and EVA(?).  This is an excellent opportunity for resident Architects to bid on a “home turf” project!

In exchange for taking park property, the city is looking at improvements to the park such as lighting.  A portion of the existing trail will be consumed, so they are also looking at how to re-route the trail to maintain the total distance it now has.

There is no definitive statement with regards to the future of the old firehouse, which is listed as a contributing structure within our historic district.  It WILL NOT be retained for use by the Fire Dept.  The city may opt to reuse the building for another purpose or place it on the surplus property list for sale.

I have requested updates at regular intervals as the process moves forward, a presentation for the neighborhood once an architect has been selected, and an open process that involves the citizenry in the project.  I reminded Mr. Taylor (oops, did not write down his rank) that people who live by and/or frequent the park would appreciate the rear elevation having as attractive characteristics as the front and sides.  This was all the info I could get right now as the project is literally just beginning.  The Association will stay on top of this and distribute info as we get it.